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These past 12 months have really highlighted how strong (or not) a school’s culture, norms, routines and standards are. Our return in March to face to face learning has been overwhelmingly positive, with students and staff on the whole enthused about being back in their classrooms. But how successfully students have returned to learning has been variable, and has once again highlighted in my mind the importance of routines and high expectations in the classroom and across the whole school. A recent conversation about ‘disruption-free lessons’ got me pondering about the fluid boundary between ‘managing students’ behaviour’ and ‘engaging students in the lesson’. I asked whether in these ‘disruption-free lessons’ teachers would still utilise the important strategies that we know (or that I assume we know) good teachers use to keep their students engaged in the learning – things like front-loading instructions, being seen looking, narrating the positives, praising hard…

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