Science teacher and leader

Christina McGhie

I have taught Science since 2006 in London, Yorkshire and Teesside.

After heading up two Science departments, in 2016 I started as a Director of Science for a large multi-academy trust. I now support science departments across several academies, with a focus on developing Science teachers and teaching, and securing the best possible outcomes for our students.

I love all things pedagogy, and think that we have a lot to learn from the cognitive science of learning, that could be effectively implemented in our classrooms. I believe that knowledge has the power to transform students’ lives and open doors.

Too often in education, the discourse quickly becomes polarised, and the nuance of conversation, debate, partial agreement, disagreement, is lost. I prefer to discuss and question ideas, and be challenged in return, working through differences of opinion to find practical solutions.

In my blog posts I present my perspective on a range of matters from my experience as a Science teacher and leader. I always welcome constructive comments, feedback and suggestions of further evidence to consider. Feel free to get in touch with me by commenting on a blog post or on Twitter.